Why English Kids Academy?

E.K.A. For Kindergardens!

If you have trouble finding an English teacher for your school!

E.K.A For Parents!

If you are looking for a good kindergarten for your child's English education!

Our English Curriculum

The main purpose of our preschool English curriculum is to ensure that our children speak fluent English.

Our curriculum consists of three different levels: 2-4 Ages, 4-5 Ages and 5-6 Ages

E.K.A. for three years without interruption our children who continue their program;

350 Words and 40 Songs learning.

  10 Basic English questions to answer easily.

Introducing himself and his family and expressing his feelings.

  Expressing simple requests.

  It is aimed to be able to speak English at a level to make small shopping.

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English Kids Academy Schools

You, our dear parents, are naturally looking for the best when choosing a kindergarten for your children. As a parent, if one of your priorities in your choice of school is good English education, you can choose "English Kids Academy" member kindergartens with peace of mind.

We are serving 356 kindergartens all around Turkey and K.K.T.C.

The founding purpose of the English Kids Academy is "To End the Generations Who Learn English but Can not Speak English".

Your child receives full-time English instruction from teachers who have mastered pre-school pedagogy.

Teachers who will take care of your child are trained regularly every month by the English Kids Academy training coordinators.

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Our Education Philosophy!


English Kids Academy

Your Language Partner

The aim of English Kids Academy is to become a solution partner for preschools and elemantary schools to provide high quality English education to their students.

Our experienced and expert academic advisors in their field, provide guidance to you in achieving the goals you are aiming at in your English education. In doing so, they foresee that each institution mah have separate needs and approach the training processes on a project-based basis.

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