English Kids Academy provides the following services to institutions;

 English Education with Classroom Teachers: 

At English Kids Academy, we believe that if teachers receive good training and continuous counseling, they will be able to provide English education as well as English teachers with the help of technology. We train existing classroom teachers of organizations that agree with us, providing them both software and consultancy to ensure that their students receive full-time English education in a quality manner.

English Education both with English Teachers and Classroom Teachers:  

We provide consultancy services to educational institutions which have a part-time branch teacher, but aiming to increase English course hours to full-time, or which are currently continuing with a full-time branch teacher, but want to make English education more corporate and efficient.

Providing English Teachers Service- We provide a branch teacher for institutions that need an English branch teacher at their institutions and want to meet this need professionally.

Parents Support Service:

We assist our parents who need support to teach their children a foreign language with "English Kids Academy Individual Software".