Why You Should Work With English Kids Academy?

Why should you work with English Kids Academy as a Kindergarten?

It has always been a big problem to find a good English teacher kindergartens. The main reason for this is that there is no "Kindergarten English Teaching" department in our universities. Therefore, those who graduate as English teachers, unfortunately, do not dominate preschool pedagogy. This situation causes problems such as not being able to reach the level of children, speaking the same language with children, not knowing how to teach something to children of this age group, not being able to establish class domination, and most importantly not showing enough patience to children of this age group.

What is even worse is that some kindergartens do not find it harmful to employ people who do not have an English teaching diploma or certificate as an English Teacher just because they speak English.

How English Kids Academy Eliminates These Problems? .

Instead of turning English teachers into kindergarten teachers, we turn kindergarten teachers into English teachers.

We try to do this based on the following data;

A kindergarten teacher, a graduate of Vocational High School, receives 1,116 hours of English education throughout his school life. If our teacher went to an English-based public school in secondary school, he received 18 hours of extra week, plus 1,296 hours of English per week, 20 hours per week of plus 720 hours of English preparation, and two or four years of university graduate, 2 hours per week, plus 72 hours. (One academic year consists of an average of 36 weeks)

In summary, our teachers receive a minimum of 279 training days (1.116 hours / 4 hours), maximum = 801 training days (1.116 + 1.296 + 720 + 72 = 3.204 hours / 4 hours) in English throughout their school life. Both the maximum and minimum hours of English lessons are more than enough for our kindergarten teachers to successfully deliver the preschool English curriculum to their children.

In addition, preschool teachers are much more judges than an English teacher to preschool pedagogical formation. Therefore, they do not encounter any of the problems mentioned above by the English teachers.

English Kids Acaedemy What Are The Differences That Separate Preschool English Education From Current Education? If not everyone speaks English with children in a kindergarten, English is considered only as a lesson in that school. As English Kids Academy, we aim to make English a very important part of children's lives, not a lesson in our kindergartens. We think that everyone in the school should be able to speak English to children so that children can see English as an important part of their lives.

How does English Kids Acaedemy Education Method Work?

We provide intensive and comprehensive training on how to teach English to their children, especially classroom teachers, to all employees at school.

Every month, we regularly check the EKA program to see if it is properly implemented by playing English games with children,

We provide detailed reports to our parents by measuring the individual levels of our children twice a year,

With the English festivities we organize annually, we ensure that our children have good memories about English,

Our teachers who successfully apply the English Kids Academy program are entitled to receive EKA certificate at the end of the semester.

In order for teachers to get EKA certificate; The English level of their classes should be minimum 70%. They must be at a level to teach a lesson without speaking her mother language. The video of a lecture taught in this way is sent abroad for evaluation. With the final approval of abroad, EKA certificate is given to the teacher.

Our requesting schools can also purchase "EKA Mobile Application", which is one of the most successful applications prepared for preschoolers in the world, and "EKA Preschool Books" consisting of three different levels, so that parents who wish can give their children education in English outside the school. (Approximately 25% success increase was observed in the English language learning of our children using mobile applications and books.)

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